Sunday, May 18, 2008

Teknik Menjawab Soalan Sains PMR Kertas 2

There are two parts of question. That is part A and part B

Part A - 40 marks

No 1 to No 6
- each question between 5 to 9 marks given.

Part B – 20 marks

No. 7 and 8
- question no. 7 is usually 8 marks

- question no. 8 is usually 12 marks

The question format is depend on JPU from Lembaga peperiksaan.

Question no. 1 - pairs and labeling form
- - the marking is very negotiable

No. 2- Recall and differentiation form

No. 3 – Recall and reasoning form

No 4 – Experiment that ever carried out by student before

No 5 – Experiment that be connected by science concept

No 6 - Comparison and calculation form


The question no 7. - higher level question and vary rigid in marking scheme . At glance the question seem quite easy, but FAO is implemented.

The question no. 8 - experimental question is created based on science concept that has been learned by the student before.


L Your answer must be accurate and as brief as possible

L Each answer is given 1 mark

L If a answer is 2 marks given , 1 mark for your correct answer and another supporting answer

L In the calculation question where the formulae is provided and 2 marks is given, transferring value to formulae is 1 mark given and other for accurate answer.

L Spelling must be accurate .- The spelling mistake is negotiate when meaning does not change. In case the words is provided , spelling must be correct.

L PMR candidates should be careful with 2 marks question ,the correct terms must be used in describing processes .

L Candidates involve must answer correctly according to the sequence.


D Answer with long description but without key word that is needed

D To explain the process that occurs in our body that is represented by experiment , the candidates do not answer according to the experiment but explain the real process in our body.

D Candidates always guess the answer whereas FAO is implemented

D In case of the characteristic questions , candidates always answer based on their own knowledge.

D Candidates are still weak in science process skill.

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